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McMaster’s Optimal Aging Portal
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Promoting the Interest of Seniors - McMaster’s Optimal Aging Portal

March 20, 2016 — At a recent Senate in Toronto, RTO/ERO approved a motion to add an objective of our organization which read,” to promote the interest of seniors.” The Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (CART) has partnered with McMaster Optimal Aging Portal to bring you healthy aging news that you can trust.

Visit: www.mcmasteroptimalaging.org

Here you can find high quality scientific evidence about healthy aging, written in consumer friendly language. This information can keep Canadians remaining healthy, active and engaged as long as possible and allow them to manage their health conditions. The Portal evaluates health research and resources, telling users whether free health resources on the Internet and in the newspaper stories are based on scientific research, are reliable, and are worthy of note.

One of the best aspects of the Portal is that it is free to use! To keep up to date with new research and receive lists of new content recently added to the Portal, users can opt in to receive email alerts.

On the website you can view a host of topics which will allow you to view related evidence summaries on various topics. You can view the topics under three categories.

Healthy Conditions such as Arthritis and Joint Condition or Circulatory condition.

Healthy Aging Practices such as Memory and Cognition or Mental and Physical function.

Healthcare Delivery such as Testing and Treatment decisions or Complementary and Alternative Medicines

On the website you can also find weekly email alerts such as “Sitting Too Much? Take steps to support healthy aging“ or “Exercise and dementia: what does the latest research show?”

Make yourself aware of this valuable resources and, in turn, share this knowledge with your colleagues and friends. This is an excellent platform step in the development of a National Seniors Strategy.

Thanks to ACER/CART and president Jo Ann Lauber for their work in promoting the interests of seniors in this extremely worthwhile venture.

by Rich Prophet, Provincial Eastern Region Liaison Person