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Health-Related Issues

All 2021 RTOERO Retirement Planning Workshop are available online

Attend a free retirement planning workshop in your area to learn what you need to know, connect with peers at the same stage as you and walk away with answers, resources, and clarity on your next steps. Reserve your spot.

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Improvements to RTOERO travel insurance

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In March 2020, the global travel advisory related to COVID-19 caused medical systems to be stressed and travel to be suspended worldwide.
Now, as 2021 approaches, the travel landscape is changing. This message provides information about updates to your travel insurance in light of these changes.
Pandemic travel coverage
Our travel insurance now covers COVID-19 medical emergencies while travelling, even during the time of government-issued travel advisories. This change is retroactive to Oct. 1, 2020.

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Newred Canadian Deprescribing Network

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The Canadian Deprescribing Network’s website explores resources for the general public and health care professionals.


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RTO/ERO is excited to announce this addition to our website

As part of RTO/ERO’s ongoing commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, this portal will encourage members to improve their physical and mental health, while offering preventative health strategies through webinars and wellness resources.

Members who hold an RTO/ERO insurance policy (extended health, semi-private hospital or dental) can log in to take advantage of additional features, such as health questionnaires and the Total Health Challenge.

Visit the RTO/ERO Health & Wellness Portal today! (Opens in new tab or window)

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