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Spring Senate 2019

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District 27 well represented at Annual Assembly & Senate held in Toronto

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District 27 Delegation to 2019 Spring Senate
(L to R) Doug Carter, Louise Perrault, Roger Régimbal.
Dawn Paxton, Danielle Guertin, Norbert Boudreau

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Doug Carter & Gayle Manley

By Norbert Boudreau— The Annual and Spring Senate meetings were held at the Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel from Monday, May 27 to Wednesday, May 29, 2019. The agenda is always set ahead of time and the main events are the same from year to year.

This year, President Dawn Paxton and 1st Vice-President, Louise Perrault represented District 27 as Corporate Members. Attending as well were outgoing provincial Chair of Pension and Retirement Concerns Committee and district treasurer Roger Régimbal, two observers, 2nd Vice-President Danielle Guertin, Health Benefit and Insurance Chair Doug Carter. Provincial past President Norbert Boudreau was also in attendance. District 27 was well represented at these meetings.

The regional Pre-Senate meetings were held on the Monday afternoon followed by a ‘Meet the Candidates’ meeting. The Wine and Cheese sponsored by Johnson Inc. was an occasion to meet friends and former colleagues.

At the annual meeting held on Tuesday, Corporate Members elected members to the Board of Directors. Five (5) members were vying for three (3) positions. The newly elected for a three-year period are: David Kendall, District 20, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington, Claudia Mang, District 22, Etobicoke and York, and Gayle Manley, District 3, Algoma. They now join Chair Martha Foster, Vice Chair Rich Prophet and directors Jackie Aird, Louise Guérin, Martin Higgs and Bill Huzar.

At the annual assembly, different motions were presented by districts and by the Board of Directors. A full summary of the resolutions will soon be sent to participants. Candidates applying for the Nomination Committee no longer have to be corporate members. This resolution from districts 27 and 32 was carried by 99.1%. As only one corporate member was acclaimed to the committee, a memo will be sent to districts requesting nominations to sit on this committee. Three other members will be appointed by the Board of Directors. The resolution to change the name of the organization has been withdrawn. The proposed name 'Viiv' is no longer being considered. The membership fee resolution passed by 73.1%. Subject to an annual inflationary adjustment, those paying less than $70 will remain unchanged, those paying more than $70 will be fixed at $70 and the newly retired RTO/ERO members shall be set at $70.

At the banquet, twelve provincial past presidents and one past executive director of RTO/ERO were recognized. As well, one member received the Founding Member Award and three received the Distinguished Member Award. Doug Carter, long-time member of District 27 was recognized for his outstanding contribution both at the local and provincial level. He received the Distinguished Member Award. (See below.)

Senate meeting convened on Wednesday morning. Committee chairs updated the delegates on their provincial dossiers. This was followed by a discussion on the branding of RTO/ERO.

Long-time member Doug Carter receives Distinguished Member Award at Senate

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Doug Carter receives Distinguished Member Award

Toronto— The long and very distinguished service of Ottawa’s Doug Carter was celebrated at the Senate banquet in Toronto in May.

Doug was awarded the RTO/ERO Distinguished Member Award.

Doug has served with distinction in numerous positions both locally in Ottawa and at the provincial level.

He has been on District 27’s Board since 2002 and was President in 2004. He received the District 27 Award for Exceptional Service to RTO/ERO and the Community in 2009.

Doug served as a member and chair of the provincial Health and Insurance Services Committee from 2002 to 2008. He sat as a member of the provincial executive in 2008 and 2009.

This celebration of Doug’s service to RTO/ERO and retirees is well-deserved.