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Horizons 27 Magazine

With a circulation of nearly 4,000, District 27's official newsletter, Horizons 27, is published in fall and winter of each year.

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Horizons 27, Winter 2020
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If you would like to read Horizons 27 as a flip-book magazine, visit this link.

To view a traditional PDF version of the current issue, you can do so by selecting this link.

Newsletter Editor Needed For Horizons 27
With a circulation of nearly 4,000, the printed version of Horizons 27 remains a key element of communication with members. Nevertheless, to continue to produce a printed newsletter like Horizons 27, which is extremely demanding, we are looking for a newsletter editor for 2020. If interested, please contact Roger Lalonde at 613-749-6267

Roger Lalonde is the interim editor of Horizons 27. Please forward your articles, stories and communications to him directly.

Editorial Policies
The editorial committee reserves the right to modify any submissions to fit the space available and to determine the appropriateness of any submission for a particular issue.

The views expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect those of RTO/ERO. Articles that are reduced in size may be posted in full on the website.

If you do not want your photograph included in the Horizons 27 magazine or on our district website, please indicate so to the photographers at the various social events. Articles may be reproduced with credit to the authors and the publication.

Address changes must now be made through the RTO/ERO Provincial Office

If you wish to change your postal address or add an email address to your member profile, RTO/ERO Provincial requests that members contact the provincial office at: