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Join and have access to the largest retired educator health plan in Canada

RTOERO provides a cost effective, high quality and competitive Group Health Insurance Plan that meets the needs of the majority of our 81,000 members. The plans are affordable, well-established and financially stable.

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Highlights of the Plans

Guaranteed acceptance with no medical evidence required or late restrictions applied if you enroll within 60 day of the termination of:

a) School Board plan

b) Spouse’s/partner’s group plan

c) Any other group plan

• RTOERO Health Services and Insurance Committee oversees the operation of the Health Plans

• Each of our Districts has a Health Services and Insurance representative to assist members

• Reserves are owned by RTOERO

• Reserves are established to protect the RTOERO Health Plans in a pandemic

• RTOERO is a not for profit organization. Surpluses are "refunded" to the Health Plans for plan improvement and premium stability

• Premium rates and coverage are the same for all ages

• Members range in age from 50 to over 100, and 99% keep their plans for life

Health & Insurance Benefits for Members of RTOERO

The RTOERO Health Plans are owned and managed by our members, administered by Johnson Inc., and underwritten by Manulife Financial.

Full and Associate RTOERO members who permanently reside in Canada are eligible to participate in our Health Plans.

The RTOERO Health Plans include a full spectrum of benefits including Extended Health Care, Semi-Private Hospital and Dental coverage which can be purchased separately as needed. Coverage is available in the following categories:

Single (member only)

Couple (member plus one dependent – either spouse, partner or a dependent child)

Family (member plus two or more dependents)
Dependents include a legal, common-law or same-sex spouse; or dependent children up to age 21 or age 30 if they are unmarried and in full-time attendance at an accredited post-secondary institution.

Convenience Services Include

a. Direct payment to pharmacies (drug card)

b. Electronic submission of dental claims

c. Claim payments deposited directly to your bank account

d. Electronic notification of your claim payments

e. Annual Benefit Statement/Premiums and Claims Summary Letter

f. Secure, online access to Claims and Benefit Information

g. Walk-in service for administration and claim services in the Greater Toronto Area

The largest Canadian retired educator plan providing for over 81,000 members and dependents.

A Plan that is owned and managed by RTOERO members.
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Service Address:
Johnson Inc.
Plan Benefit Service
18 Spadina Road, Suite 100A Toronto, ON M5R 2S7

Claims Address:
Johnson Inc.
Plan Benefit Claims
1595 16th Avenue, Suite 600 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3S5
1.800.638.4753 (toll free)
1-905.764.4041 (fax)

Johnson Inc. serves as Consultant, Administrator and Claims Payor for RTO/ERO’s Health Plans.

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