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With nearly 4,000 strong, District 27 of the Retired Teachers of Ontario boasts the second-largest membership in Ontario, with individuals ranging in age from their pre-fifties to early hundreds! Outside of the Provincial Office, Ottawa-Carleton is the only District to offer truly bilingual services, including the Horizons 27 magazine and this website. Founded in 1971, District 27 celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2011.

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The dramatic impact of COVID-19

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By Norbert Boudreau (Article written on April 16, 2020)

COVID-19 is impacting many aspects of our way of life and the fight is far from over. We see though, a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Because of the changes made to combat the virus, we should remain optimistic that our society will thrive once again someday. Having said that, the way things were being done in the past is changing drastically. Some changes will remain, but others will not.

Social isolation now has to be respected if we want to crush the virus. Physical distancing must continue to flatten the statistical curve as determined by the National Health Agency. This is important, to give the medical teams a chance to treat those affected by the virus. For the moment, we must rub shoulders only with the immediate family, the people that we live with. There are other ways to spend time with friends and family, to virtually hang out if we so wish. It’s a hard but necessary pill to accept, but those restrictions are necessary if we want a return to a semblance of normalcy.

With the COVID-19, we have been introduced to the real heroes who contribute to the essential services during this pandemic crisis. For example, they are the doctors, the nurses, the care givers, the first responders, the scientists without forgetting either the farmers, the grocery cashiers, the security services and many more who tirelessly work for us during this crisis. They make huge sacrifices to serve us and we should not ignore them in the future as we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

The Wage Subsidy Bill agreement which was recently reached in Canada is an example to follow in this time of pandemic crisis. In the past, the government in power made changes in a very partisan way; then the bill was discussed in Parliament; the government defended its decision while the opposition usually tried unsuccessfully to make changes. Now, in a very non-partisan way, the government decided to share the preliminary bill with the opposition parties before bringing it to parliament. New ideas were brought forth and an accepted oversight was maintained. Participation in a bipartisan way as well was reached by the premiers of the provinces. That’s the way essential changes should be made all the time.

Should schools and nurseries reopen soon? Not for the moment, I feel because the health of our children should first be considered. Many children will be infected with the COVID-19. They would therefore have to stay away from the elderly, their grandparents. Studying on line is indeed a very noble project, but there are a lot of problems. For example, not all students have the electronic means to study on line.

There are electronic communications that can and should be used to communicate with loved ones. Communicating on line by SKYPE, ZOOM, Instagram, Facetime and other applications is an excellent way to stay connected. Many of us have, for a long time, communicated electronically through emails, Facebook, Messenger, etc. That should continue. I believe that efficient COVID-19 testing kits with immediate results have to be made available to the general public. Ideally, medical equipment should be produced in Canada, to become self-sufficient. There should be a sufficient quantity of ordinary face masks, N95 masks reserved for medical teams, ventilators, etc.

This virus gave us as well dubious changes in our society. Surveillance to track the spread of the novel coronavirus throughout the world is a frightening thought and is a most serious concern. Chinese authorities for example can follow their citizens by linking an application to cell phones. Privacy is not a concern for authoritarian leaders. In the United States, the technology exists as well, but the Americans must give the government permission before legally using this technology. The problem is to find a happy balance between privacy and health security.

Should we encourage individuals to report those who ignore common sense and organize gatherings, in spite of the recommendations? Some unfortunately mischievously call 911 to report non-existent unlawful meetings. We do not want to return to a Nazi Germany police state like country. Those who wrongfully accuse neighbours should face criminal charges.

For a few years now, consumers were using more and more recyclable bags for their groceries. Now, those bags are not welcomed in stores. Further, they are even supplying customers with free plastic bags, virus oblige! Plastic bags should disappear to save the planet after the crisis.

I long for a return to a certain normalcy. I firmly believe that there will be many changes which will undoubtedly improve our way of life.

Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from
Martha Foster (Chair) & Jim Grieve (CEO) of RTO/ERO

The COVID-19 crisis unfolding in Long Term Care facilities across Canada requires urgent and immediate attention by all levels of government. Going forward, once an equilibrium in this health pandemic is achieved, there is an immediate need for rethinking and resourcing the way we treat and care for all of the valued elders in our Canadian society. RTOERO has also sent similar but specific letters to every Premier and Minister responsible for seniors and health care in every Province and Territory in Canada.

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A tribute to our friend Doug Carter

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Doug & Pat Carter
A tribute to our friend Doug Carter
September 9, 1942 – April 22, 2020
by Norbert Boudreau

Anyone who worked with Doug Carter would acknowledge his contribution to our outstanding health benefit plans, his concern for seniors whether RTOERO members or not, and his readiness to serve wherever and whenever needed. Doug has served on many subcommittees and workshops both at the local and provincial level.

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Random Acts of Kindness

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As we make our way through this time of uncertainty, let’s commit to random acts of kindness to those within our family circle, friends and colleagues. Let’s do what we can remotely, by telephone or through Canada Post to connect with others and lift their spirits.

To ensure the safety of our members, all District 27 activities are cancelled for the foreseeable future. While there are definite signs that our self-isolation may slowly and carefully end, we all must remain vigilant about our safety.

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Newred Local community projects sponsored by Project–Service to Others (PSTO)! - Provincial Program

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Apply before June 30, 2020

If you are involved in a community project that you feel may qualify to apply for a Project–Service to Others (PSTO) grant, we strongly encourage you to contact a member of the District Executive for guidance.

Visit our Awards page for details

Newred Retired teachers, RTO/ERO members
support striking teachers and support staff

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On Friday February 21, District 27 member Norbert Boudreau went out to meet teachers on strike on Greenbank Rd. "I met all kinds of workers, French, English, Catholic, Public, Secondary, Elementary. When I identified myself as RTO/ERO, retired in 1998, one young teacher mentioned the two-week strike just before I retired. I even met support staff and answered questions about legal and illegal strikes."

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Newred Retirement Planning Workshops a resounding success

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February 22, 2020 - The Retirement Planning Workshop, held on Saturday and hosted by the Retired Teachers of Ontario and Ottawa District 27 at the Centurion Convention Centre, was a resounding success. Through the collaborated effort of the RTO/ERO Benefits Team and District 27 Executive and volunteers, 650 participants came together for several sessions presented in English and French. 

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Newred Annual Know Your Own Health Plan workshop well attended

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FEBRUARY 21, 2020 — Stephen Wong, Director of Benefits and Ashveena Govindaraju, Manager of Health Benefits for RTO/ERO, hosted a successful Know Your Health Benefits Plan workshop for 32 registered District 27 members.

>Article and photos

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The Canadian Deprescribing Network’s website explores resources for the general public and health care professionals.

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RTO/ERO is excited to announce the newest addition to our website – the Health & Wellness Portal (Opens in new tab or window)


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Standing Up For Seniors brochure image
The provincial Political Advocacy Committee (PAC) has produced a new brochure which states how RTO/ERO advocates for RTO/ERO members and Seniors.
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VENNGO Program

VENNGO Member Perks image

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Promoting the Interest of Seniors - McMaster’s Optimal Aging Portal

The Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (CART) has partnered with McMaster Optimal Aging Portal to bring you healthy aging that you can trust.
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Address changes must now be made through the RTO/ERO Provincial Office

If you wish to change your postal address or add an email address to your member profile, RTO/ERO Provincial requests that members contact the provincial office at: membership@rto-ero.org
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The membership of RTO/ERO, ranging in age from the pre-fifties to 100+, is over 77,000. Most RTO/ERO members live in Ontario and are affiliated with one of the 45 districts into which the provincial organization is divided.
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