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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for the publication of Horizons 27 and the District 27 website.

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While we distribute the print version of Horizons 27 to approximately 4,000 members, District 27 is transitioning to an era of electronic communications.

Until we find a volunteer member to take on the position of Horizons 27 editor, I have agreed to act as interim editor. If you are interested, have some time and would like to help, please contact me for more details.

Communication with members is a vital component of our organization. Although I personally prefer electronic communications (email, website, social networks) because they are faster and more flexible, I recognize that some of our older members still prefer printed communications. If you would like to receive your copy of Horizons 27 in electronic format only, please contact Janet Booren at: jbooren49@gmail.com

In order to ensure that you receive all electronic communications from RTO/ERO, I urge all those who have an email address or who have changed their email address lately to communicate it to the provincial office: egyesus@rto-ero.org or 1-800-361- 9888 ext. 223. This will give you more frequent communication about events and programs being offered to members of our Ottawa Carleton district.
Editorial Policies
The editorial committee reserves the right to modify any submissions to fit the space available and to determine the appropriateness of any submission for a particular issue.

The views expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect those of RTO/ERO. Articles that are reduced in size may be posted in full on the website.

If you do not want your photograph included in the Horizons 27 magazine or on our district website, please indicate so to the photographers at the various social events. Articles may be reproduced with credit to the authors and the publication.

New address change protocol

If you wish to change your postal address or add an email address to your member profile, RTO/ERO Provincial requests that members contact the provincial office at: