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From the President’s Desk

Meetings of the Board of Directors

The meeting place of the District 27 Board of Directors is St. Peter's Room, 3rd floor, 1480 Heron Road, Ottawa.


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President Dawn Paxton: “Many hands make light work."

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September, 2019 — Summer is almost over. Hope that you’ve enjoyed the summer festivals, the bike paths, parks, swimming, barbecues and every other summer activity. There is always so much to see and do during these precious summer months.

During this time, our Board members planned many events for the coming seasons. The latest newsletter (see Horizons 27 Fall, 2019 elsewhere on this website) will share some of what's planned, and our mail blasts will keep you informed of other district events.

District 27 welcomes all new RTO/ERO retirees. We will hold a special event for new retirees in the fall. All retirees are encouraged to join our Board or our many committees and become involved.

As with every volunteer board, we note that many hands make light work. If everyone helps a little, then no one has a burden. Our goal is to have each volunteer work on one task or one event. We are retired, after all. Please consider joining the Board or serving on a committee to help us to provide events for our retired colleagues.

The upcoming federal election provides each of us with the opportunity to address the needs of retirees and seniors in this country. The fall edition of Horizons 27 contains issues to address when campaigners show up at your door. Imagine the impact of our 4,200 district members asking about a National Seniors Strategy for housing, health and protected retirement income.

Our volunteer work is on behalf of others and, without our dedicated Executive, Board members, and committee members, we couldn't continue to make the difference we do. Thank you so much to those who serve all the RTO/ERO retirees through newsletters, bridge, choir, social events, goodwill cards and services. What you do is appreciated.

Let’s have a great year!

Dawn Paxton
RTO/ERO President
District 27

Meetings of the Board of Directors
The meeting place of the District 27 Board of Directors is St. Peter's Room, 3rd floor, 1480 Heron Road, Ottawa.

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2019 District 27 Priorities
(prepared by Dawn Paxton, President)

  • Maintain a strong financial base to support our priorities and our activities.

  • Continue the website with regular updates for our members. Maintain the current enhanced Horizon 27 newsletter with a twice yearly publication to inform our members.
  • Send mail blasts  to advertise upcoming events as needed.

Social Activities
  • Continue our support of Entre-Nous choir, Bridge Club, the 80+ luncheon, the Christmas luncheon, and Spring luncheon. Continue our AGM and luncheon. Support our Social Committee. Continue our Retirement Planning Workshop.
  • Update our new member reception. Target members to join our Board to promote new activities. Try new activities aimed at younger retirees.

Service to Members
  • Advertise and promote our Project Service to Others grant of $4000.00 with an additional $1000.00 from our local District if we have a selected project.
  • Advertise and promote the scholarships provided from both our local District and the Provincial office.
  • Continue to recognize members for Exceptional Service and other Leadership awards.
  • Support our Goodwill Committee ad their initiatives.
  • Advertise and promote our Know Your Health Plan workshop.

Strategic Plan and Governance
  • Support the Provincial Organization through this year of transition.
  • Develop our local Governance Structure by the fall AGM.
  • Attend Senate and Provincial workshops as offered.

Political Action
  • Have our committee develop a political action plan to have our voices heard at the Federal level in this election year.

Social Isolation
  • Continue the Christmas Cacti deliveries.
  • Work on a plan to help children, youth and seniors enjoy time together.