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About Us
With nearly 4,000 strong, District 27 of the Retired Teachers of Ontario boasts the second-largest membership in Ontario, with individuals ranging in age from their pre-fifties to early hundreds! Outside of the Provincial Office, Ottawa-Carleton is the only District to offer bilingual services, including the Horizons 27 magazine and this website. Founded in 1971, District 27 celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2011.


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Meetings of the District Council
The meeting place of the District 27 Board of Directors is St. Peter's Room, 3rd floor, 1480 Heron Road, Ottawa. Please contact any member of the Executive for exact dates and times.

What is RTO/ERO?
The Retired Teachers of Ontario/les enseignantes et enseignants retraités de l'Ontario - commonly referred to as RTO/ERO - is a non-profit provincial organization of retired Ontario teachers, administrators and others receiving pensions and allowances under the Teachers' Pension Act, which is administered by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board. Other retired educational personnel may join as associate members.

Formed in 1968 (under the name Superannuated Teachers of Ontario STO/ERO), RTO/ERO is the official voice of retired teachers, promoting and protecting their interests particularly in the area of pensions, health care and insurance.

What Services Are Provided to Members?
• Advocates on important issues for retired teachers such as CPP, Teachers' Pension Plan, Health Services, and government legislation

• Monitors pension legislation, providing input on proposed changes and recommending improvements

• Participates in regular discussions with the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF) and as a voting member of the OTF Pension Committee and Pension Negotiations Committee

• Owns and manages its own health and other insurance plans such as no-deductible Extended Health Care, travel while outside Ontario, vision, dental, auto and life insurance for approximately 89,000 RTO/ERO members and their dependents

• Takes political action on matters of concern to our members, including support for active teachers and public education

• Provides support and financial assistance to members in need

• Publishes a quarterly Magazine for all members and monthly updaters for provincial and district leaders

• Maintains and provides access to a Web site (www.rto-ero.org)

• Offers a travel program for members and friends
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Horizons 27, Winter 2020
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Our Membership is Growing

The membership of RTO/ERO, ranging in age from the pre-fifties to 100+, is over 77,000. Most RTO/ERO members live in Ontario and are affiliated with one of the 45 districts into which the provincial organization is divided.
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