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Newred 1. Project-Service to Others Community Project Grant (Provincial Program)
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RTO/ERO proudly operates a grant program for its 48 Districts, providing $100,000 to sponsor local community projects through Project – Service to Others (PSTO). Districts apply for individual projects that support local, national and international programs that often involve children and/or disadvantaged groups, to a maximum of $4,000 per project.

We are pleased to advise that the deadline date for the submission of Project – Service to Others Scholarship Applications has been extended and is now the close of business on Thursday, March 15, 2108. Please submit your project to Yvonne Hough at hough@rogers.com

Only one approved PSTO project will be submitted by each district to the provincial committee prior to June 20, 2018. The Provincial PSTO Committee will examine all submitted projects and a decision will be made in September 2018.


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2. Exceptional Service to RTO/ERO and the Community (RTO/ERO District 27 Program)
RTO/ERO members of District 27 are invited to submit nominations each year for Awards for Exceptional Service in either or both of two categories:

Award Category #1 - given for exceptional service to the community;
Award Category #2 - given for exceptional service to RTO/ERO.


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1997 Murray Kitts, Helen Bell
1998 Marie-Marthe Dubois, Barbara Clarke
1999 Madeleine Séguin, Dorothy Moore, Virginia Smith
2000 Rita Quéry, Georges Gauthier
2001 Melba Woolley, Harry Redfern
2002 Pauline Trudel
2003 Marie-Reine Forest
2004 Barbara Etkin
2005 Carolyn Racicot
2006 Margaret Willms-Robson
2007 Betty Scarlett
2008 Aurore Trahan, Roger Lalonde
2009 Doug Carter, John Knobel
2010 Norbert Boudreau, Carol Rannie
2011 Lyndi MacDonald, Carmelle Rochon
2012 Gary Zinck, Murielle Cayouette
2013 Mary Durst
2014 Suzann Jones
2015 Sue Lanouette Carswell
2016 Janet Booren
2017 Yvonne Hough