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From the President’s Desk

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Roger Lalonde - 2017 copy
August, 2017 — At the risk of repeating myself I would like to reiterate several elements of my last message. Leadership in our Ottawa-Carleton district is always difficult to find and that remains a priority. We need young retirees at the helm of the district. I therefore challenge young retirees to become involved in our organization to serve and care for their interests, their well-being and that of all retirees.
As the saying goes: "You are never better served than by yourself". We must remain vigilant to ensure that our defined benefit pension plan remains in place. Federal Bill C-27, which will open the door to a new type of pension, the target benefit pension plan which remains a threat to our own defined benefit pension plan.

The implementation of the priorities we have put forward this year is well under way.

• In 2018, RTO/ERO will celebrate its 50th anniversary. A special committee has already started work and has begun to develop projects to mark this important milestone in our organization.

• If you provided your email address, you may have noticed a more frequent use of electronic communications: the electronic transmission of HORIZONS 27, an invitation to visit our Website, http://www.rto-ero-ottawa-carleton.org/ and an incentive to submit your claims online to Johnson Inc.

• The printed version of HORIZONS 27 remains a key element of communication with members. Nevertheless, to continue producing a printed newsletter like HORIZONS 27 which is much more demanding we must absolutely find a newsletter editor for 2018. If you can help us, please contact us as soon as possible.

• Some members are unaware that RTO/ERO offers much more than its health insurance plans administered by Johnson Inc. Health insurance is only one part of the organization. That being said, you should know that the RTO/ERO health plan is the envy of many retirees. What makes our insurance plan unique and advantageous is that in addition to costing less than competing plans for comparable benefits, the plan is entirely owned and managed by members and in the best interest of the members.

• We will continue to promote all other services, such as the Provincial Scholarship Program, the Service to Others Program, the District College and University Scholarships. We will also support the Entre-Nous Choir, the Bridge Club and all other social activities in the District.

Previous Message From The President

Roger Lalonde - 2017 copy
February 2, 2017 — Thank you for the trust you granted me, for a second time, at the November 15 AGM. As I take over the leadership of the Ottawa-Carleton RTO/ERO District 27 and with the support of the Board of Directors, I will do my utmost to serve and represent you well in 2017.

Allow me to sincerely thank Norbert Boudreau who presided expertly over the affairs of the district during the last year. His experience, acquired over the last five years as a member of the Provincial Executive of RTO/ERO served us well.

A heartfelt thanks to Yvonne Hough who is taking a well-deserved break after six years of service. She served the district in a variety of roles, the least of which as president in 2015. Thanks also to the Board of Directors who worked diligently to ensure the smooth running of our activities.

I would like to recognize in particular the dedication of Janet Booren who was awarded the 2016 Award for Exceptional Service to RTO/ERO at the last AGM. As well, I am very happy to welcome Dawn Paxton as 2nd Vice President on the executive. Further, Samir Khordoc has graciously accepted the position of Editor of our newsletter HORIZONS 27. That is indeed another excellent news as that position had been vacant since the Fall of 2015.

The future of our district bodes well since three new members are joining the leadership team as members at large in 2017. I challenge other newly retired members to get actively involved in RTO/ERO. They will safeguard their interests, their pension and their well-being. At the same time as volunteers they serve others. As the saying goes: “We are our own best advocates.”

The following are a few of the priorities that we would like to accomplish in the coming year. In 2018, as RTO/ERO will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, an ad hoc committee will be making plans to celebrate in our district this important landmark for our association. In order to adapt to the evolving world of electronic communications, significant efforts will be made to encourage a greater use of ways and means of communicating with members: mass mailing of our newsletter HORIZONS 27, a better use of our District web site, http://www.rto-ero-ottawa-carleton.org/, on line claims submission to Johnson Inc, etc… Many members like the printed version of HORIZONS 27 which remains a key medium of communication with members. Electronic communications must serve as a complement not a replacement to print.

Many members don’t know that RTO/ERO is much more than a provider of the RTO/ERO Group Insurance Plans administered by Johnson Inc. That’s why we will promote all the other services offered such as: a Scholarship Program for family members - 25 bursaries of $1500, the Project Service to Others grant of up to $4000, our own district scholarships to Ottawa-Carleton colleges and universities. We will continue to support financially the Entre-Nous choir, the Bridge Club and all of the other social activities of the district.

Finally the Board of Directors will monitor closely the development of a proposed new provincial governance model. We will participate in the discussions and decision-making process of this very important change for the future of our organization.

Meetings of the Board of Directors
The meeting place of the District 27 Board of Directors is St. Peter's Room, 3rd floor, 1480 Heron Road, Ottawa.

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